Passionate debaters prepare for the HICES Competition

Students in Years 7 to 10 progressed their debating skills during the lunchtime Debating Club.

The students are preparing for the first round of the Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools (HICES) Debating Competition, taking place on 25 February.

The topic for Years 7 and 8? That High School students should be trained to fight bushfires.

Suhayb of Year 7 said he liked debating because he is able to come up with ideas and arguments quickly.

Arthur, also of Year 7, said his mum, who is a lawyer inspired him to get into debating at School.

“She does a lot of debating, and she said I’m really good at it.”

We wish all participants the best of luck. Win or lose, the valuable skills of public speaking and articulating an argument under pressure continue to grow with every debate.