Passion for writing yields top results for IGS student

Top line theatre criticism by IGS Class of 2019 student Zachary Mekler has been selected for HSC Drama showcase OnSTAGE.

Congratulations to IGS student Zachary Mekler whose portfolio of theatre criticism has been selected for the OnSTAGE exhibition in the foyer of the Seymour Centre, Sydney, from 8 February to 14 February 2020.

“We’re so proud of Zachary,” said Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito. “Such a beautiful writer!” 

Zachary said he felt “very grateful and excited” about the honour, particularly knowing how hard fellow students throughout NSW had worked on similar projects.

“I worked very hard with the incredible help of my teachers to submit a project I was proud of,” he said.

“I wrote four reviews of plays of varying styles and forms which I had seen in both late 2018 and throughout 2019, evaluating and analysing the production elements at work in each, such as the staging, lighting, costuming and acting.

“I really enjoyed offering my perspectives on these plays.

“The Individual Project is difficult but rewarding…

“Good luck to the Drama Class of 2020!”

Next year, Zachary plans to take a gap year.

“Beyond that, I hope to utilise the analytical skills I have acquired from completing these reviews in future occupations.

“The Drama department at IGS was integral in nurturing my passion for writing!”

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