Passing on the leadership badge

Year 12 2018 student leader Claire Thom recently offered thoughtful words of wisdom to greet the School's new 2019 student leaders.

Claire commented that leadership at IGS is made up of:

  • being a good role model,
  • being respectful, and
  • supporting the IGS values of: authenticity, connectedness, personal achievement, diversity and vibrancy.

“From experience, the most important thing is getting involved in the school community, and as a leader your main job is to encourage others to also get involved,” Claire said.

“As well as working with the other leaders of your own House, you will need to work well with the other House leaders.

“These are the people that one day will be your arch rival leading opposing teams into battle, then the next day will be at your side as you fight together for something greater for the whole school community.

“Together you can achieve a lot in a year.”

Claire also noted that students who did not receive leadership badges “will still play a big role as seniors in each House and the School”.

“Younger students will look up to you and those who did receive badges will need your help throughout the year.”

To conclude, Claire thanked “the incredible group of leaders” that she has worked with in 2018.

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to lead beside you,” she said.

The 2018 student leaders pass on their badges to the 2019 leaders