Park it for the planet

IGS Head of Sustainability Carmelo Fedele is encouraging the IGS Community to ride their bikes to school and work this Wednesday 26 August 2020.

Whether it is for the commute to School, work, a trip to the shops or to visit a friend, bike riding is an easy way to cut carbon emissions.

“I love cycling to school each day,” Mr Fedele said.

“Not only is it a fun way to get around, but it helps me keep fit, I’m never stuck in traffic, there are zero carbon emissions and with the City of Sydney improving bicycling infrastructure, it’s getting much safer to be a cyclist.”

The IGS community is invited to view the tips and resources for getting started at the Bicycle network here. Walking, scooting and skating are alternatives to bike riding.

Please complete this survey so that Mr Fedele and the Sustainability Team can calculate the amount of carbon emissions the IGS community saves we save on the day.

Here’s what some of our students had to say:

“I’m supporting Park it for the Planet because it promotes a healthy lifestyle, as well as benefiting our planet,” said Euan of Year 11.

“Park it for the Planet is crucial to the development of a community that supports a greener future. The project shows that simple acts, such as walking or riding a bike to school, can have a huge impact on greenhouse emissions and, through supporting this movement, IGS students are able to understand how their local actions can have a global effect,” said Harriet of Year 10.

“I ride my bike to school because I’m cool. Also, the hoards of traffic and overflow of cars means that riding my bike is actually much faster than driving,” said Casey of Year 11.

“I choose to cycle and walk to and from school because it helps reduce my carbon footprint. We all leave a carbon footprint wherever we go and driving to and from school increases that. When it’s not necessary it’s always important to walk, cycle, skate. This is why I think Park it for the Planet is such a great idea, not only is it helping reduce carbon emissions but it’s also teaching children about the impact that driving has on the environment and when to avoid using it,” said Eve of Year 9. 

“I support the Park it for the Planet Initiative because it is something most people can do to help lower carbon emissions in their everyday lives that does not have a massive cost attached to it or create a major inconvenience in their everyday life,” said Jack of Year 11.

“Walking or cycling to school is a great way to express your competitive side, by racing the other walkers or bike riders on your path or even your bus ride! it’s an easy way to get to school and to explore Sydney while saving co2 emissions,” Lili of Year 11 said.

Information for Year 11 and 12 students:

  • Please lock your bike to the bike racks in Mountain Street.

Information for Primary students:

  • Ride with an adult
  • Wear a helmet
  • Plan your route.

Submit your ride at the Bicycle network here

Participants are welcome to use #parkitfortheplanet to help raise awareness on social media.