Paleontologists in the Preschool

IGS Preschool students have been channeling their inner paleontologists in the Early Learning Centre, discovering biology, evolution, and scientific thinking.

“Most young children are fascinated by dinosaurs, and studies suggest that curiosity boosts learning,” said Early Learning Educator Jasmin Flyte.

“When kids are intrigued, when they have questions, their brains are especially primed to learn the answers.”

“Exploring our dinosaur interest is the children’s way of taking in a new subject in a way that feels familiar to them, through the business of having fun.”

The children were engaged in digging, exploring, hypothesising and sharing their own knowledge about dinosaurs with their peers.


“Outside they got to uncover ‘dinosaur bones’ as well!” said Ms Flyte.

“The vast space created the challenge of not being able to find anything, but the Preschool children pulled together to work as a team to motivate each other, and assist each other.”

IGS is thankful to all who donated ‘dinosaur bones’ (from their kitchens) for this activity, making the activity extra special for the children.

“Across the week we also watched videos of real palaeontological excavation digs, showing how carefully and respectfully they treat these fossils in real life,” said Ms Flyte.