Outstanding IGS students’ works catch diverse HSC markers’ attention

Congratulations to our IGS Class of 2019 Visual Arts students whose works have been nominated and selected for HSC showcase ARTEXPRESS.

Congratulations to Anika Campbell for The Water Below; Ruby Goold for Blind Faith; Elena Kokkaris In Hollywood no one can know anything…; Maya Konakci, and Andrea Kostopoulos Love is a Dog from Hell.

Anika, Ruby and Elena’s works have been selected for exhibition.

Anika’s woks will be on show at The Armory and Sydney Olympic Park; Ruby’s at Hazelhurst Arts Centre; and Elena’s at Virtual Exhibition VX, The Armory and Sydney Olympic Park.

In other exciting 2019 HSC showcase news, Isabella Robitschko has had her Major Textiles Project selected for inclusion in Texstyle.

These successes add to Maxine Baker’s nomination for the HSC Music Showcase ENCORE and Zachary Mekler’s selection for the HSC Drama Showcase OnSTAGE for his individual work.

This year the entire IGS Drama cohort was nominated for OnSTAGE, a rare occurrence for any NSW school.

We congratulate these students and their teachers on their outstanding achievements.

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