One chapter closes, but a new one begins

The Year 6 farewell is always a memorable occasion to honour the efforts of our senior Primary School students and their commitment to our School.

Students spoke fondly of their teachers, offering thanks for their wisdom, dedication and encouragement. Expressions of gratitude were presented by Tiggy Marchbank, Chiara Marchi and Celia Grave, Madeleine Hayen and Milly Whitaker.

Mr David Smith was described as “iconic”, “passionate about teaching”, “always putting a big effort in to making learning relevant the real world” and “humorous”.

Mr Jason Reitmans was described as “a great role model”, “very helpful and supportive” with “great guidance” of his students.

Ms Barbara Tropman was described as an “amazing life changing teacher” who her students “always had fun with” and they are “grateful to her for preparing the class for high school”.

Year 6 thank their teachers and Mr Colin Bird

Mia Block spoke on behalf of the year group, affirming that Head of Junior School Colin Bird has encouraged the students greatly for the past seven years.

“At assemblies and Speech Night he makes each child feel special, no matter how many hands he has to shake,” Mia said.

“He’s always there encouraging us at every opportunity, and we thank him for his leadership and commitment. We will miss him and his smile.”

Kiyomi Duncan and Kaya Crisci-Donnelly shared their Primary School reflections and favourite moments from their schooling years thus far.

Parents, caregivers, staff and students were treated to a performance of This is Me by the Year 6 cohort, as well as additional performances of Footloose by “dancing man” Jack Block, Seven Nation Army performed by “The Dragons in Hats”, including band members John Connellan, Patrick Keller, Otis McAndrew, Red McLeay and Lucius Moore Moechtar. Robbie Muir is also in he band, however was unable to play due to an injured arm. The audience also enjoyed a dance piece from Moniku Griffith and Maya Taylor.



Thank you to hosts Hayley Stone, Caitlin Elliott and Sabrina Turner, as well as Nyree Davison for her Acknowledgement to Country.

What a way to farewell Year 6!