Oliver Mortimer secures early University offer

Congratulations to Oliver Mortimer, who has secured an early University offer to study Psychology at Macquarie University.

After receiving the good news, Oliver said he felt “overwhelming joy” and was left grinning for the rest of the day.
Oliver plans to become a practisng psychologist after university. He is also interested in a career in economics.
“The choice of psychology for me, stems from my enjoyment of assisting anyone in any way I can,” Oliver said.
“I realised this after helping friends through difficult decisions and offering my perspective for them to consider.
“As for economics, I love the senior economics course, it’s one of my favourite subjects as it provides an avenue for me to explore how the world works and how people interact with resources and each other.”

Oliver thanked Ms Blacker, his economics teacher and mentor.

“She has made me realise through her teaching, just how much I enjoy economics, which has caused me to consider a career in economics as potential opportunity. I’m really grateful to have had her as my teacher,” he said.
“Another teacher who has influenced this decision would be my Geography Teacher, Mr Fedele. His teaching style and attitude has ignited my curiosity for exploring the relationships between humans and their environments, which has paired really nicely with economics.
“I thank him for having one of the best teaching styles I’ve gotten to experience throughout my education.”

Oliver said he appreciates the warm and friendly nature of the IGS community the most.

“My highlight of being an IGS student is being able to converse with almost anyone, especially within my own year group. The ability to receive or give advice comfortably, or share an interesting conversation has really allowed for me to come out of my shell, and discover the people I enjoy to be around.”