Oliver meets famous Indigenous author Bruce Pascoe

When Oliver Macalister of Year 6 sent an email to Australian Indigenous writer Bruce Pascoe, seeking advice for his Independent Research Topic, he never expected a response.

To his surprise, Bruce replied and agreed to meet with a grateful Oliver and his family to discuss his project.

Oliver posed the question: What is Aboriginal agriculture and how can it improve our current methods.

His interest in Aboriginal agriculture is new, but Oliver has dived deep into research and has already learned so much.

“We talked about Aboriginal agriculture. It was pretty fun. Mainly I was interested in having some help with my fine arts project,” Oliver said.

“We thought we could either grow something or weave something. Certain Aboriginal plants have a component that can be used for weaving.”

Bruce showed Oliver a technique involved the lomandra lonifolia leaves.

“What we’re going to do is go down to the place where we have some leaves and take them back and use the weaving techniques on them.”

Bruce Pascoe has written Australian best-seller Dark Emu which presents white explorers’ original accounts of their encounters with Australia’s first peoples, revealing diverse and sophisticated lifestyles and cultures.