Oishii onigiri

Year 4 students have been learning about the cuisines of Japan.

Students have explored the common Japanese breakfast, lunch, dinner and local food from all over Japan while comparing what they usually eat in Australia.

“The students were impressed with Japanese kyūshoku ‘school lunch’ and some students commented that we should have it in Australian schools as well,” Machiko Sensei said.

“Looking at the images of a variety of Japanese dishes, students discussed if they have eaten them or not and if they want to eat them or not using newly learnt grammar structures. One of the activities students engaged in was onigiri (rice ball) making.”

Siblings Oscar and Margot enjoyed making onigiri with a range of fillings at home. They said onigiri was “oishii” (delicious). Miranda also made some onigiri and said she loves onigiri for school lunch.