Nurturing new friendships at IGS

Year 5 students are bonding with their new buddies from Transition, excited to take on a new leadership role.

“The students are already really enjoying this new responsibility,” said Primary Teacher Tim Batten.

“I’m seeing their interest in this by how carefully they are interacting, and how considerate they are of the younger ones.”

Students in Year 5 have been partnered with a Transition student for the “buddy program”, during which they may help create a storybook or build a model.

Mr Batten described the Year 5 cohort as “enthusiastic” and “intelligent”, both strong characteristics for this program with Transition, and as leaders of the Primary School in 2019.

Transition student sharing personal items with his Year 5 buddy

“I’m really excited for this program to connect with younger students,” said Valentina Zambarelli.

“I hope my buddy remembers me as a nice, helpful and caring person, who taught them lots of different, useful things.”

Milo Rasmussen, who began his IGS journey in Preschool, remembers the older students as “friendly and helpful”, and is glad to be passing on the tradition.

“I’m looking forward to doing lots of fun activities with my buddy, teaching them new things and learning more about their interests,” Milo said.

New friends completing a puzzle together