Noteworthy award for young International Grammar School Music educator

IGS Music educator Katie Salisbury has been awarded an Outstanding Beginning Teacher Award by the Professional Teachers’ Council (PTC) NSW Board.

“I love that music is accessible to everybody,” said Katie, who decided to pursue a career in music education while still in high school. 

“Music shows creativity in students and in teachers, and it gives students who might not be academic superstars their own chance to shine.”

Katie, who joined IGS 18 months ago, is among an active group of eight Music staff who use the principles of Orff Schulwerk to teach students and offer numerous choirs and ensembles from Pre-School to Year 12.

Katie was nominated for the award by the Orff NSW Committee, where she has served for nearly three years. Katie fell in love with the Orff Approach to music education, featuring xylophones and recorders, while still at university.

“The Orff approach is so creative and expressive,” she said. “It allows so much freedom and allows kids to create their own music.”  

PTC NSW introduced the new award category to recognise the outstanding professional contribution by an individual committee member, with five or less years teaching experience to education in NSW.

She thanked her IGS colleagues, including Michele Ellis.

“Michele is amazing to work with. She has so much experience to share. I would like to thank the committee for nominating me and thank the members for sharing their resources so generously. I joined so I could give back.”