New bench for our youngest learners

IGS is proud to present its newly installed benches, located at the front of the School gates for IGS Kindergarten students to use in the afternoons.

Principal Shauna Colnan said the suggestion was presented by a helpful parent during a recent survey.

Kindy Teacher Alex said her students were very excited to see the new benches.

“They love being able to sit on them. I think it is a great idea and has made the Kindy students feel special in the afternoons.”

What Kindergarten think of the new benches:

Audrey: “I like them because they are shiny”
Zachary: “I like them because there is somewhere else to sit”
Sophia: I love them because they are clean”

The smiles say it all.

Poppy: I like the bench because they are so shiny and new

Margot: I would like to say thank you to the people that built them

Aurora: I like the seats because people can see their cars better

Shreya: I like the benches because we don’t have to stand or squat when its raining