National Science Week at IGS

Science Week at IGS was celebrated in diverse ways.

In Week 6 IGS students across Early Learning, Primary and High School have been celebrating National Science Week.

“It has been wonderful to see our students participate in a range of Science activities. In the spirit of this year’s theme Food: Different by Design, Year 10 joined a Deakin University online learning session about how DNA makes individuals unique. They also saw how to visualise DNA using a model made of lollies,: Head of Science Liz Turner said.

“Years 7 and 9 classes formed groups and solved a series of puzzle challenges which explored current scientific research and innovation of “food by design” in the Stile Science Week Escape Room.

“Year 8 heard about the diversity of amazing animals that live in their local area in the Backyard Biodiversity webinar.”

In Year 2 the focus was on healthy fruit and vegetables.

IGS parent Vivienne Stanton said her daughters Clara of Year 2 and Abigail of Transition, were inspired by their lemon tree at home, which was starting to flower.

“The girls decided to make lemonade,’ Vivienne said.

“First we made sugar syrup, then Clara and Abigail squeezed lemons and added water, ice and mint. We also sprouted some leftover mint for planting.”

In Years 3 and 4, students participated in some online excursions, while Year 5 students engaged in DIY Science tasks to complete at home.