National eSmart Week

The IGS Primary School has been promoting National eSmart Week in Week 9 of Term 3.

This is the fifth year of that IGS has celebrated and promoted National eSmart Week.

Primary Digital Innovator David Smith said Stage 2 and 3 students covered online “Netiquette”, appropriate behaviour on Zoom, negative online behaviour such as commenting on social media. Students also looked at how to construct suitable emails to teachers, and at online games that promoted positive online behaviour.

“The aim of the week was to highlight how students have been interacting online with friends and teachers reinforcing best practice. They encouraged teachers and parents to review their stages’ respective ICT Code of Conduct,” David said.

Read some of our students comments below:

Ashton: “I think we shouldn’t be talking unless we are asked to”.

Ana: “I think I can be a little more on time, sometimes I come right before zoom starts”.

Hunter: “To not get distracted by other things online”.

Jake: “I think no turning off camera or unmuting mics unless you are told to”.

Elizabeth: “I had a different workspace in another room where I got distracted constantly, so I moved to a different room and workspace and got my work done!.”

Aliya: “I email teachers respectfully when I am in need of assistance”.

Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 staff were encouraged to use the week formulating a suitable ICT Code of Conduct for their respective stages.

“This term has proved a testing time for all students, teachers and parents online,” David said.

“More than ever parents are finding out the many ways their children are interacting online through their digital learning and social media platforms. IGS Parents are always encouraged to discuss appropriate ways to interact online with their children.”