National Day of Action Against Bullying honoured

IGS Head Girl Grace Truman has called out bullying and shared her video series with fellow students.

Many of us have experienced some form of bullying at some point in our lives. Sometimes we don’t even recognise that it is bullying.

In my case, it was two of my “friends” who bullied me. “Friends” who made me feel inferior every day for years and it was always “just a joke”. Jokes that were never funny, and made me feel worthless. Eventually, I realised that I didn’t want to be treated that way anymore and was able to find new friends; real friends, who are still my close friends to this day.

From what I have seen and experienced at IGS, there are always like-minded people out there. They could be people in your year group, or people from other year groups, people from your vertical tutor group, people you meet in clubs who share your passions or supportive IGS staff.

At IGS there will always be people who will take action with you against bullying, harassing, humiliating, taunting, mocking or belittling, because these behaviours should not be tolerated.

Comments, messages, jokes, pictures have an impact. The impressions we make on other people and the stories we tell about other people have an impact.

My new series of amazing Grace, called Graceful, is releasing new episodes every Tuesday and Friday for the next three weeks. Last week, we released an episode called Friends, based on some of my experiences with my “friends”. Please take a look by following this link to the YouTube Channel, amazing Grace web series.

I hope my fellow students enjoy these episodes and will connect and reconnect with many wonderful people across the School.

Grace Truman
IGS Head Girl