Natascha secures early university offer

Congratulations to Natascha Haupt for securing an early offer to study a Bachelor of Criminal and Community Justice at Western Sydney University.

Natascha received her offer on 19 August, and said she was very happy to hear the news.

“I remember waking up and seeing the email in my notifications which led me to FaceTime my mum straight away,” Natascha said.

“She is definitely one of my biggest supporters, hence the reason why she was quite emotional when I told her. I also messaged both my brothers a screenshot of the email which made me smile at their responses. 

“I have always been very passionate in pursuing anything to do with health care, whether that’s nursing or community services. For my main career path, I am working towards is becoming a social worker, specifically family and youth issues.

“My dream would be to open a foster care home for youth that have never had the right care in their past experiences. I have a lot of people around me in my life who are in this line of job which I do believe inspired me quite a bit, however, I think the need for protecting vulnerable people stands out to me.”

Natascha said staff at IGS have helped to shape her chosen career path.

In particular, she thanked Paul Galea, who she said was extremely helpful in pushing her towards her goals. His support led her to apply for an Allied Health TAFE Course, which she is currently completing.

“Then, I decided I wanted to do something a bit different. Mr Dennehy was my biggest supporter and number one fan on this. He knows how to push me to excel.

“I definitely believe he is one of the main reasons I held on for so long during High School, even when I felt like giving up. I also want to give a special shout-out to Lucy Sensei, Mr Manning and Mrs Borger. I wasn’t always easy on these amazing teachers, but they never gave up in pushing me to do the best I can,” she said.

“After being at IGS for 15 years, there is a long list of many highlights and amazing experiences that have shaped me to this day. One main highlight would definitely have to be the Red Earth trip in 2018. Still to this day I have so many vivid memories on the experiences we all had there.

“IGS has made me grow in ways I never thought I could, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have been able to go to a school with so much support and incredible experiences. I will miss it.”