Nancy Bertoli: Bush garden and Stage 2 sustainability

Since participating in the Red Earth Cultural Immersion tour, Nancy Bertoli developed a deep interest in Aboriginal Studies.

“I think it is so important that everyone learns these things in order to create open mind-sets among all generations and to close the gap,” she said.

“I chose to research the topics of Aboriginal Land Management, and the effects on the land when we do not consult with Aboriginal peoples.”

Nancy made a garden on the School rooftop to demonstrate the importance of Aboriginal Land Management.

“I also had a component in which I related my project to the sustainability unit in Year 4, and I compiled a number of teaching resources. The Year 4 Teachers can use these in order to incorporate Aboriginal Land management into their unit, under the cross-curriculum learning priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Histories and Cultures.

“Aboriginal people know this land better than anyone, and the management processes from other places will not work here. I chose to research this due to the horrific fires of last summer, and the importance of sustainability.”

Teaching information below:
Plant information here
Land management here