Myles Lambert Visual Arts Gallery

Visual Arts Major Work Gallery by Myles Lambert

Inspired by the conceptual framework of abstract expressionists, in this experimental work “Cicatrix” the process of mark making intersects with camera-less photography.

The process challenges the sacred notion of light-sensitive film encased within the camera body. I deliberately expose the film to natural light and my physical actions as I mistreat the negative onto stone and steel. My actions are abrasive, as I scratch and pierce the emulsion with repetitive and deliberate marks, scarring the film in order to demonstrate the impact we have on the world around us.

The process then becomes archaeological as I enter the realm of the darkroom. Under the light of the enlarger, I explore and discover moments hidden within the chaos, unbound by the original limitations of the camera lens. The enlarger forces me to contextualise these moments as memories, fragments of light caught within the layers of explosive action.