Musical Theatre a delight for Drama students

In 2021, the IGS Drama Department introduced a Musical Theatre unit for Year 9 Drama.

Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito said it is proving the perfect way to end the year. 

“Students have been learning about the acting style, characters and storytelling techniques of musical theatre and putting them into action in their own pieces,” Rita said.

“Drawn to the Australian musical Fan Girls, about a Harry Styles obsessed teen, Kiyomi, Caitlin and Frankie are performing the number Actually Dead, building a dynamic number with creative choreography and engaging acting,” said Drama Teacher Megan Sampson.

Caitlin Elliot: “I find musical theatre really fun! I enjoy dancing, singing and acting! It really focuses on the movement and actions relating to the sound and text.”

For an upbeat and whimsical performance, Noah, James, Casper and Linus have chosen Hello from the Book of Morman.

Playing door to door preachers, the group have pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones and enthusiastically embraced the style, Ms Sampson said.

Noah Mckenzie: “Doing musical theatre this year has been a great experience for me. Going into Year 9, the drama class was the most inviting of my electives as I had a small class with people I was able to get to know better. It was a great introduction to future years of musical theatre and by far my favourite class this year, as I’m sure my few classmates can agree.”