Music, movement, language and culture ‘mesmerising’

Year 5 students have loved learning complex Acehnese body percussion dances.

Year 5 students have been learning Acehnese body percussion dances with Suara Indonesian Dance company.

Workshops are taking place online, with each class learning a different movement along with traditional songs.

“It’s wonderful seeing the students immersed in such a rich and diverse musical tradition,” said Head of Primary Music Nik Glass.

“Dancers work collaboratively with complementary movements that resemble physical elements of the Acehnese landscapes such as waves in the ocean. The interaction of movements is mesmerising.

“The students love moving and singing traditional Indonesian songs, and the dance moves added a layer of complexity which really challenged and engaged them.”

Year 5 will continue to hone their body percussion movements during Music lessons, culminating with each student providing a video of themselves performing. Footage will be edited and compiled into a whole year group performance. Songs will also be translated and sung in additional IGS languages.

This innovative program draws on links between our Music, PE and Language curricula.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Music teachers to collaborate with colleagues in PDHPE and Language as well as home class teachers.”