Monet secures early offer to study Law

Congratulations to Class of 2021 student Monet Bitton who has received an early offer to study a Bachelor of Laws program at The University of Notre Dame Australia.

Monet, who has also been offered the opportunity to study a Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship, said the second offer, to study Law was, “a dream”.

“I received the unconditional offer on 27 October, 2021. I shared it with my family and friends and some of my teachers who have supported me,” she said.

“I would love to pursue Criminal Law and/or Human Rights Law helping Indigenous communities who are so targeted and disadvantaged in the criminal justice system in Australia.

“From a young child I have always been someone who will fight everyone’s battles. I am sure my IGS friends can vouch for that.

“I am not scared to stand up for others and for what I believe, so I believe that this career path has chosen me. I am also obsessed with watching criminal justice shows.”

Monet thanked Head of Indigenous Education Jade Carr, who she said was a mentor and friend when she needed her.

“She is one of the few teachers that understood me and has encouraged and guided me throughout my journey at IGS. I also want to mention Head of Year 12 Mr Lyndon Kleeman, my mentor, for listening to me and my drama every week, and Head of High School Mr Anthony Dennehy for his constant support. He never gave up on me. Lastly, I thank Humanities Teacher Mr Paul Galea, who always had my back,” Monet said.

Asked about highlights of being an IGS student, Monet said the SAGE trip to Tasmania and the many cultural events and diversity that IGS offers were standout memories.