Mischa receives early university offer

Congratulations to IGS Year 12 student Mischa Belunek, who received an early university offer for her first preference, Flexible Double Arts, Social Sciences, Business and Science at the Australian National University.

When “Congratulations Mischa!” appeared on her screen, she said she “had no idea how to react”.

“The first person I FaceTimed was my older sister Erin who is currently studying Design at ANU and encouraged me to apply. Her ecstatic smile paired with the excitement in her voice was contagious. I then FaceTimed my older sister Katherine, grinning from ear to ear. The support from both of them meant the world to me. I sent a photo to the family group chat for my grandma and dad before going to tell my mum in the kitchen,” Mischa said.

Mischa is planning to study international security studies alongside a creative course, possibly music or design.

“I’d love to be able to continue my study of Japanese alongside these courses. I hope by studying these international relations to gain an influential position to help improve the quality of life of all living beings on this planet,” Mischa said.

“I’ve always wanted to help others, a trait I’m honoured to have inherited from my mum. Whether that be through volunteering on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Program or going on the Red Earth excursion. I initially was looking into a Bachelor of Arts at ANU through the Australian Defence Force Academy after spending almost every careers expo at their station. However, I was also interested in the other courses ANU offered that ADFA did not cover. As Erin was already studying and enjoying Canberra I thought, ‘What’s the harm in applying now?’ So I began the process and became super intrigued by the prospect of studying international security studies balanced with a creative outlet. So I applied and now have an offer.”


Mischa thanked her Japanese teachers at IGS and added that the two exchanges she embarked on in 2019 inspired her to continue studying language.

“I hope it will be an asset to my other courses at ANU,” she said.

“My textiles teacher Ms Ksenija Doic and my music teacher Ms Sarah Travis have provided an overwhelming amount of support and guidance over the years, whether I was in their class or not. It is because of them that I enjoy every minute I spend in the creative classrooms (both physical and virtual). Therefore I have to maintain that self-expressive outlet in a creative course.”

When recalling the highlights of her schooling at IGS, the first thing that comes to mind is the co-curricular courses offered throughout Primary and High School.

“These environments really allowed me to discover my passions, most notably music. I’ve spent more time on Level 3 than I’d like to admit, from piano and flute lessons to early morning rehearsals and music classes. Some more specific highlights would be my first flute solo in Year 6 at the Showcase Concert and all the choirs singing Paul Jarman at that same showcase,” she said.

“I spent 14 years of my 17 years on this planet learning Japanese. Over this time I’ve had the most outstanding teachers, Etsuko, Noriko and the pocket rocket Eri Hammond to name a few as well as amazing classmates without who I could not have completed the accelerated course.

“I’m forever grateful for my immersion in the culture both in the classroom and the country. On the topic of exchanges, the seven different exchange students from Japan, Germany, France and New Caledonia my family have hosted over the years were pretty awesome.”

Mischa also thanked Ms Doic, who stayed back until 7pm while she finished her pajama shorts. 

“To reference my Year 6 farewell t-shirt (credit to Myles and Wynton Lambert) ‘High school is a rollercoaster and we’re next in line.’

“I strongly believe the last 15 years at IGS have been quite the ride indeed. Although this ending is not quite what I imagined, I can’t wait to see where this next ticket takes me.”

Bon voyage, Mischa!