Mindfulness goes national at International Grammar School

IGS students are sharing their insights on kindness, gratitude, mood and resilience with children nationally through a new ABC ME short series on Mindfulness.

The Mindfulness Toolkit features 14 IGS primary school students and was coordinated by IGS teacher Ms Christina Cosolito.

Ms Cosolito, originally from Los Angeles, learnt about mindfulness through her professional interest in yoga and meditation, and found it brought instant benefits in the classroom. 

“Mindfulness is tremendously important,” said Ms Cosolito, who has taught the skills to her students for a decade and developed mindfulness teaching resources.

“It’s about teaching children skills to be reflective and self-aware, and how to regulate their emotions and be socially aware. All the brain-based research shows its value for children and the benefits in school settings.

“Mindfulness also has significant implications for children in their future.

“The skills of self-awareness, resilience, compassion and growth mindset will prepare them for a vastly expansive technological world and an ever changing professional field.”

She is excited about the new series. The 10 four-minute film clips can be downloaded by anyone, any time, at http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/mindfulness-tool-kit/CK1742V001S00

The series features a mix of stop motion animation, computer animation and live action interviews that help kids understand what mindfulness is and how it can help them in their day to day lives. Episodes focus on understanding the brain, empathy, mood, gratitude and kindness. 

“Our IGS students did a phenomenal job sharing their personal stories and contributing to this series. Through their contributions they will be teaching students all over Australia how to be more mindful.”