Mental Health in focus

IGS High School students were visited by Batyr for an informative session on mental health.

Batyr is a for-purpose preventative mental health organisation, created and driven by young people, for young people.

“Today’s whole program is about looking out for one another,” the guest speaker said. “It’s important for us to know what to look out for.

“When we’re trying to help our friends, there are four categories that we refer to as signs and symptoms when dealing with mental health; physical, behavioural, thoughts and feelings related to mental health.” 

Students were split into groups to discuss the ideas. 

Students noted the following indicators:

  • a shift in body language
  • being reclusive from friends and family
  • withdrawing
  • negative thinking
  • being sad
  • a change in presentation and dress
  • fluctuation in weight.

Students are always welcome to drop in to the Counselling Suite on Level 1 of the Reg St Leon Building, near Student Reception. Explore Wellbeing Hub of the IGS Parent Lounge for age-appropriate resources and contact details.