Meet IGS French teacher and trekker Helene Schmit

IGS offers strong Language Programs from Preschool to Year 12 thanks to the dedicated and knowledgeable team of IGS Language staff.

IGS French Teacher Helene Schmit, who joined the School earlier this year, “always had a passion for teaching”.

“When I see the students’ eyes light up because they have remembered something from a previous class before to reuse later, or have shown great improvement in their speaking and understanding of the language, it just makes my job so fulfilling and enjoyable,” Madame Schmit said.

“To see students who are at first shy or lack confidence in their French studies, then grow and utilise their skills beyond the classroom, makes me feel as though I’ve made a difference in their lives.”

Madame Schmit teaching Year 1

Like many IGS Language teachers, Madame Schmit’s teaching skills are adapted to Primary and High School programs. She teaches a broad spectrum of ages and learning levels.

“Teaching High School students gives me a new perspective when teaching the Primary students, because I know what I want the younger ones to achieve when they get to that senior level,” she said.

Year 1 classroom activities

“I use these experiences to modify the classroom structure, depending on which age I am teaching.”

Madame Schmit finds IGS students “very receptive to language learning because of the immersive environment” and that they “value different languages and diverse cultures, which is celebrated across the School”.

She celebrated her first International Day with IGS this year, and was “overwhelmed with how exciting, colourful and enjoyable it was to see so many celebrations of diversity”.

Some IGS staff in national dress on International Day
Some of our IGS Language staff on International Day

Madame Schmit’s teaching style is interactive, and she fosters a love of learning within her students, encouraging them to want to learn more.

“I hope that the students will one day think, ‘I remember Madame Schmit teaching me this!’.”

Madame Schmit brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role, and looks forward to continuing her journey at IGS.

A keen trekker, she is also working closely with the PDHPE Department, sharing her skills with IGS Duke of Edinburgh Award activities and Year 10’s Tasmania “Writing the Island” SAGE experience.

Trekking the Annapurna circuit in the Himalayas