Matilda rehearsals update

IGS Head of Primary Music and Musical Producer Nik Glass is excited to share that Matilda rehearsals will commence next week.

“Cast members will commence learning their songs and choreography throughout Term 4. Appropriate distancing will be maintained during dance and singing rehearsals and no more than five students will sing at a time.”

Please note that we are still accepting students into the chorus. Please email if you would like your child to participate or you have a general inquiry. 

All students in the chorus will rehearse on Tuesday from 4pm to 6.30pm.

Ensemble and principal cast members will rehearse on Thursday from 4pm to 6.30pm. Supervision will be provided for Primary cast members from 3.15pm to 4pm on both Tuesday and Thursday. 

Statement of Commitment letters which were emailed last week to parents, need to be signed and returned via email or in hard copy as soon as possible. 

A copy of the statement of commitment can be downloaded here.

“I look forward to welcoming students to their first rehearsal next week,” Mr Glass said.