Matilda centre stage for students and sponsors

IGS Musical Producer Nikolas Glass commended students and staff on the 'absolute spectacle' that is the Matilda the Musical, coming up soon.

“The audience won’t know what they are in for, there are so many exciting elements,” Nik said of the shows, to take place at 6.30pm on 27, 28, 30 April and 1 May in the IGS School Hall.

“The cast is working really well together,” he said.

“The cross age group connection is really strong. The older students are being great leaders to the younger students.

“I also want to acknowledge the hard work of the production team. Tireless hours of work have gone into this production.”

The students will be supported by a professional band led by Year 4 Instrumental Program leader and Music teacher Sarah Travis. Nik said it will be exciting to see IGS Year 11 student Jake Mahemoff perform with the band.

Sponsorship opportunities

We would like to give parents and caregivers the opportunity to support the production through sponsoring the show and in turn, the ability to promote their business.  

There are four tiers of sponsorship as follows, and each comes with its own set of sponsor benefits:
– The Miss Honey package ($5000, one opportunity only)
– The Chocolate Cake package ($3000, three opportunities)
– The Poetry package ($1000, eight opportunities)
– The Readers package ($350, multiple opportunities).

Please click here to read more about the different packages and how you can apply to sponsor the show, and contact me with any questions you may have.

Tickets will be available to purchase shortly.