Maths pals add value

Senior female IGS students have been sharing some of their lunch times tutoring younger female students in Mathematics.

“In 2017 I set up the Girls Maths Mentoring Club (GMMC) to encourage more girls to do higher Maths courses for the HSC,” said Bella of Year 12. “I kept hearing stories from younger girls about their dislike of Maths, so I decided to take some action to find out why.”

Bella explained that in her Year 11 Extension Maths cohort last year, there were nearly half the amount of girls as there were boys.

“One day I met with all the girls in my cohort and explained my idea about starting a club to support girls in Maths, and to my surprise nearly everyone was on board,” Bella said.

“As we talked about our experiences in Junior High School Maths, we realised a pattern was emerging, and we all felt a lack of self-confidence in our Maths classes specifically.

“I thought, ‘we are the lucky ones’, because we continued to do higher Maths for the HSC regardless.”

Bella encourages girls to join the IGS GMMC, which has become “a support system between junior and senior girls in the realm of Maths”.

By taking higher Mathematics courses, all students can keep themselves open to a broader range of exciting career options.

“I hope to pass the club on to the next generation of female maths mentors at IGS, to continue the club’s legacy,” Bella said.