Maths matters

The widest world of careers requiring maths skills is open to young women at International Grammar School.

Professor of Applied Physics and Surface Engineering at the University of Sydney Marcela Bilek recently addressed young women at IGS, calling out stereotypes and pointing out advantages of pursuing careers involving Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills.

Students heard about research findings refuting the myth that women are not good at STEM.

Professor Bilek contrasted this with the reality of the outstanding achievements women have attained in STEM and discussed the multitude of lucrative careers that exist in STEM fields. She also shared the inspiring details of her own career journey.

Professo Bilek’s research interests include fundamental physics and practical applications, such as materials physics, plasma deposition and processing, thin film materials, vacuum glazing, renewable and sustainable energy and cross-disciplinary research in the areas of biointerfaces and medicine.