Mathematics challenge deepens knowledge

Year 9 Maths students strengthened their knowledge during their studies of Linear Relationships during Term 3.

“The topic started with some revision from previous years about the Cartesian Number Plane and plotting points,” said IGS Maths Teacher Cassandra Church.

“We then went on to learn how to find the midpoint of an interval, the distance between two points, and the gradient of a line. We created graphs from the equation of a line using tables of values, intercepts, and by considering the gradient and y-intercept.

“We also applied what we had learned to travel graphs and exchange rates in the context of direct proportion.”

This week, each student took a turn to come to the board to calculate the gradient of a given line.
“Later, we also incorporated more information as we learned to graph lines given an equation in gradient-intercept form,” she said.
In two weeks, the class will sit their formal assessment task for the term.
“They will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of this topic, as well as indices and algebra under examination conditions,” Ms Church said.
“In the remaining weeks of this term, we will be delving into the world of financial mathematics and then surface area and volume.”

Ash: “We have been learning about Linear Relationships. My favourite part was when we learned how to find the midpoint of an interval.”

Felix: “I have really enjoyed using Desmos and Geogebra this term while we learned to graph lines in our studies of Linear Relationships.”

Leila and Maya: “Our favourite part of Linear Relationships was applying Pythagoras’s theorem to find the length of a line.”

Ruari: “Using graphs is interesting and useful in real life. We discovered that the gradient of a distance-time graph is the average speed travelled.”

Jordan: “My favourite part of learning about Linear Relationships was using Desmos.”