Mastering Stage 6 Beginner Language courses

There's no one better to give advice about Beginners language courses than "old hand" alumni William Salkeld, says Assistant Head of Languages at IGS, Annamaria.

The “young language master” who achieved exceptional results in his HSC graciously visited the Year 11 Italian Beginners class recently, to share his secrets.

“Will endorsed watching Italian films, initially with English subtitles and then, with more language experience, Italian subtitles, as this assists with pronunciation and listening skills,” Annamaria said.

He also suggested speaking to family members at home in Italian, even if they don’t speak the language.

“Students should keep up their writing skills at least three or four times a week, by composing a piece of Italian and then writing out their corrections,” she said.

“Will advocates, as do all the language staff, studying for short periods of time. It’s important to do this daily, as this reinforces the learning of second and third languages.

“He also insisted that Year 11 students correctly use basic structures, as this will ensure better results in the HSC course.”

Will encouraged students to push their boundaries and experiment with new vocabulary and structures.

“The stretch will pay off in the end,” William said.

After enjoying an exchange experience himself, he encouraged IGS students to do the same, saying “there’s no substitute for exchange”.

The Year 11 IGS Italian Beginners were extremely grateful for William’s advice and were amazed at what they could potentially achieve with their Beginners language course.


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