Many quiet and musical moments ahead

"Seek out moments of gratitude, quiet moments of reflection, experiences that bring you joy, opportunities to be kind," IGS Principal Ms Colnan told High School students upon their return to School this week.

“Enjoy each other’s company. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences which is fantastic! Be curious about others, those you know and those you don’t.”

She encouraged students to take those differences and turn them into sources of creativity and imagination.

Ms Colnan shared her excitement for the 2020 IGS Musical, Matilda, and welcomed IGS Music Teacher and the school’s musical producer, Nick Glass to tell students about the show.

Mr Glass said he was most looking forward to seeing the collaboration between Primary School students and High School students.

“It is a style that will really suit our School. The cast itself will be very large, around 150 students.

“We are inviting students from Years 4 to 11 to audition.”