Many hands help heal the world

In the lead up to IGS International Day on 3 August, we consider the deeper meaning behind this year’s theme, The Global Environment, how others around the world are making a change, and how we, too, can help.

This year the Let’s Do It Foundation has started a joint initiative, calling 2018 the “International Year of the Clean and Healthy Planet”.

2018 is also the third International Year of the Reef, which is of great importance to us as Australians.

“Both aim to increase global awareness of environmental issues we face and to strengthen collective efforts to protect our beautiful blue planet,” said IGS Director of Languages Rosalba Genua-Petrovic.

“After having read about the work of these organisations, I was inspired to select this year’s International Day theme as The Global Environment.”

This theme provides our community with an opportunity to explore how different countries and states are dealing with environmental issues, sustainability and protecting the environment for future generations.

“The first ever World Bee Day was celebrated on 20 May, having been declared so by the United Nations in December of 2017,” said Ms Genua-Petrovic, pictured below.

“Recently, the European Union’s top Court backed an almost complete European-wide ban on the use of three insecticides, which studies have linked to declining bee populations.”


The tiny state of Sikkim, nestled in extremely tough mountainous terrain of the Himalayas in northeastern India has been leading a green revolution of its own kind.

“In 1998 Sikkim became the first Indian state to ban disposable plastic bags, and among the first to target single-use plastic bottles,” Ms Genua-Petrovic said.

Sweden has also been ramping up environmental awareness, creating hype around a trend called “Plogging”, which is spreading across the globe, and recently to Australia.

“Plogging” is a combination of jogging and collecting rubbish, sweeping the streets clean of garbage while exercising.

“To tackle the problem of food waste, Japan has enacted a law that encourages businesses to create cyclical manufacturing processes that reduce food waste, reuse food waste, and recycle any leftover waste,” Ms Genua-Petrovic said.

“This has led to the creation of businesses that turn food waste into compost or animal feed.”

These are just a few examples of how countries and states around the world are actively seeking solutions and developing laws and policies to address environmental issues.

“On International Day we also want to explore how environmental factors can impact and influence culture and how cultural practices and beliefs can impact the environment or the decisions we make regarding initiatives, laws and policies,” Ms Genua-Petrovic said.

International Day is an annual whole-school event for IGS students to develop their intercultural understanding.

“This year’s event will allow us to learn more about the world and its people and enhance our skills in engaging with diverse cultures and creating connections with others,” Ms Genua-Petrovic said.

“I invite all our IGS families to help and to participate in International Day 2018, so that our students and our community can be together in a day to explore, debate, image and create.

“I look forward to seeing you all on International Day 2018.”

Spero di verdervi per la giornata Internazionale!

J’espère vous voir à la journée Internationale!


Wir laden Sie alle ganz herzlich ein mit uns gemeinsam an der IGS unseren Internationalen Tag zu feiern. Wir freuen uns sie bei uns willkommen zu heißen.


¡ Les esperamos a todos en el Dìa Internacional!

To actively participate in International Day, parents and caregivers are invited to:

  • Lead or help with a workshop or activity. You may wish to be part of a workshop to share your particular expertise or knowledge in relation to the theme of the Environment, by giving a short talk, leading or helping with a workshop/activity for either the Junior School or Senior School. If you are interested in a workshop/activity, please email to discuss your ideas.
  • Help cater or manage food stalls. Please contact if this is of interest
  • Help mount a country room display. Please email to discuss this further.