Making their mark

A gorilla, strange humanoids, upside down faces and other artworks have appeared in busy areas of the campus.

Year 10 Visual Arts students have created a huge installation of mixed-media artwork, inspired by the Street Art cub-culture of ‘paste-ups.

The artworks have been installed on Level 2 of the Reg St Leon Building.

IGS Director of Art and Design Drew Bickford said students worked to a completely open brief.

“Each student explored varying use of colour, scale and material experimentation to make some eye-catching public art,” Drew said.

“From the miniature to the enormous, each of the works is currently transforming the Level 2 Bibliothèque area. Over 30 colourful works, each with an individual look, feel and message are bringing the area to life.

“Students looked at how Street Art can stop people in their tracks and momentarily wake people from their everyday routines and journeys around a site. Each was challenged to create an image or visual idea that could activate a public space and capture the imagination of passers-by.”

“I loved this unit,” said Ava Wilkin. “We learnt so much about Swoon and Banksy and Australian street artists.

“It’s subjective. It’s up to what you want to do. Everyone is so different. It’s amazing.”

Ava says her own artwork is open to interpretation. 

“I had no idea about street art. Banksy adds most of his works overnight and releases them on Instagram.”

Ava enjoys Visual Arts as a change from the normal curriculum.

“It’s about getting in touch with your creative side and easing stress. It’s a really fun course to do.”

Samuel Lightfoot’s street art represents the evolution of man.

“It’s showing the relationship between man and nature as the human evolves.

“The bird symbolises that if nature can free itself from humans, it can come back.

“I enjoyed this unit. It was quite open.”

Fellow students have welcomed the temporary campus additions. Congratulations Year 10.