Lunchbox and lifestyle learning

Early Learning and Primary School students have been thinking about their sight, smell, taste and lunchboxes after meeting with The Root Cause Health and Wellness Coach Belinda Smith.

Belinda held various sessions with our young learners to explore food and feelings.

“Like a car needs fuel, we need food and drink for our bodies, and the right ones, to be the best versions of ourselves,” Belinda said.

“Knowledge is power!”

Early Learning students testing out Belinda’s “green smoothie” recipe

Belinda is otherwise known as “The Mad Food Scientist”, and like scientists, students participated in various activities to observe, analyse, discover and evaluate various food groups and their impact on the body.

“My aim is to help children understand why processed foods really don’t help their bodies, and why it’s so important to eat fresh fruit and vegetables,” she said.

“In the workshops, I’m providing practical ideas around packing healthy lunch boxes that are loaded with variety and foods that help learning, and positive behaviours.”

Smiles of approval

Belinda suggests that children and adults “eat a rainbow every day”, a whole mix of different coloured fruits and vegetables.

“Try to get as many foods into your diet that grow in the ground, on the ground, in trees or vines.”

Belinda also explained the importance of water and hydration, and recommended maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle with lots of physical activity.

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Year 3 students also enjoying their green smoothies