Lucy takes Water Polo to National level

Congratulations to Lucy Levenberg-Penklis of Year 9, who was recently selected to be a part of the Water Polo born ‘06' NSW state team.

Lucy will have the opportunity to compete in the National Championships in Brisbane in January.

“You can only imagine how eagerly awaited this was after two years of Academy training, selection trials and COVID-related stops and starts,” said her mother, Jill.

“NSW will be sending two teams to compete in the National championships to be held in Brisbane from 9 to 13 January.

“Lucy has been selected to play for the Blues. This long-awaited opportunity and privilege is hugely exciting for her.”

Lucy said she started playing waterpolo with her best friend towards the end of Year 5.

“At the end of Year 5, my soccer season had come to a close,” Lucy said.

“I remember my mum explaining to me how there was this sport which had similar mechanics to soccer, but was played in the water.

“At the time I loved swimming and really liked team sports. She told me about a water polo beginners’ session hosted at Drummoyne and because my soccer season had ended I thought I may as well try it, especially as my best friend would be doing it too.

“The game itself is great. I love it. I love fighting and wrestling for the ball, and the adrenaline rush you get from scoring a goal and hearing your teammates cheer. However, one of my favourite parts of water polo is how (although it is an advantage) the game isn’t all about strength, power, and fitness.

“Being smart and playing tactically is just as or even more important than strength and power. In water polo, you have to create your own opportunities, which has to be done tactically, and that is why I love it.”

Lucy said she is “extremely passionate” about water polo and has been working hard for two years to be selected in the state team.

“The trials and program for State pretty much shut down last year because of COVID, which really helped to show which athletes in the group were dedicated and passionate enough about the sport, to keep training despite COVID.

“I am really happy that all my hard work and training has paid off, and now that I have been selected for the NSW state team, I am working towards being selected to play for the Junior Australian team in 2022,” she said.

“I plan on playing water polo for as long as possible and to go as far as I can in the sport. I hope that in the future water polo will give me opportunities to travel and to study overseas.”

Best of luck, Lucy!