Loving languages

At the recent annual IGS Primary Language Camp, students in Years 4 to 6 embraced language learning outside the classroom.

In childhood, language learning comes naturally. Gestures, accents and words are absorbed through dance, song and play.

Students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in various learning activities at the Camp, building confidence in their speaking, reading and writing abilities.

It was an enjoyable few days for the language groups to share their improving skills with each other and further their cultural knowledge.

Kallum: “The best part of Italian Language Camp was creating performances together. We had to make up a play about being in a restaurant in Italy. I wished I was really in Italy!”

Anton: “I enjoyed French Language Camp because of all of the activities and the French clay project.”

Aki: “There were so many good parts about German Camp! The German movie that we watched was very interesting. The plays that we performed were fun and we even created our own hats.”

Janna: “My favourite part of Japanese Language Camp was making the fans out of origami and painting. I also enjoyed the Japanese games that we played where we learnt about Yen.”