Louis Beaumont Visual Arts Gallery

Visual Arts Major Work Gallery by Louis Beaumont.

Art is subjective; this is an indisputable fact. An individual may see a blank canvas and believe it’s “a rabbit in a snow storm” or they’ll simply see it as a blank canvas. Others may see the works of artists cemented in history for their beauty and brilliance, while others are confused by their meaning. Aspects of our lives, due to our industrial need to adapt and evolve technologically and digitally, are void of this artistic beauty and intent. Rather, they’re cemented in history for their efficiency and tangible quality. 

My printmaking series explores telephone poles, their wiring, lines, wooden supports and beams. These are utilitarian devices – not designed for any artistic purpose. Rather, they possess one brutal truth, they are made to obey the cruel rule of efficiency. Their only intended goal; stay above us and out of our way whilst connecting all of us.  

The discreet, innate and overlooked beauty of their meticulous design unites us through our modes of technology. As towering symbols of human nature and our mistakes, these giant rough edges, wires strangled around poles or another, Support beams stemming outwards. These poles, all intertwined into one another, composing an unintentional work of urban beauty, cruelly hidden out of site.

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