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Design and Technology Major Work Gallery by Louis Beaumont.

With our society moving towards a future routed in environmental turmoil, we as a collective are trying to find a solution to reduce our effect on the environment. The effect that we have on the environment commonly occurs through the constant use of transport. As through either public or private transport, it produces a detrimental amount of carbon emissions. In fact, the carbon emissions produced by transportation are one of the highest pollutants of carbon emissions (at a local individual level). 

If we do not pay attention or attempt to reduce our effect, society will impose a dangerous and eternal mark on our green planet. However, in order for my product to be effective, I will need to ensure that the product is enticing to its target market. I’ll do so by designing the bike’s rear light to be aesthetically pleasing. This will be done through the application of varying lights and the ability for user-customisation; as the consumer would be able to have messages or small images engraved onto their rear light.

My goal is to assist in the limiting of these emissions through the development of a bike light. As the utilisation of a pedal bike has a minimal carbon footprint. This is the core positive effect that I am focusing on; however, cycling as an activity itself has countless other positive aspects. These include, an increase in both physical and mental health, a decrease in transport-related finances and providing an avenue for socialising: primarily through online cycling groups.

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