Honouring long-serving staff: Michelle Weir

In 1989, Primary Teacher Michelle Weir taught her first class at IGS.

“At the time, the building was an old makeup factory, there was no playground, most of the classrooms had no windows and the ones that did, didn’t open,” Michelle said.

“I couldn’t believe it was a school. But there was a great atmosphere, something I hadn’t experienced in any other school and I knew I would be teaching here for a long time.

“I was a Year 5 teacher and I also taught Greek.”

Michelle is now a High Accomplished Teacher, home class teacher and Head of Teacher Accreditation Early Learning and Primary at IGS, sharing her rich experience in the field and inspiring colleagues to keep learning and achieving.  

Michelle studied her Diploma of Teaching at Sydney Teachers’ College and Bachelor of Primary Education and Master in Education Administration and Management at the University of Sydney.

It was her Year 1 teacher, Miss Bickle, who inspired her to become a teacher herself.

“She was the most amazing person. I remember her taking an interest in every student and she had such a passion for teaching. I wanted to grow up and be just like her,” Michelle said.

Michelle noted one moment throughout her time at IGS that has stuck with her, and one that she believes sums up what IGS is all about.

“A Year 2 student wanted to buy flowers for her parents’ anniversary. She came to school with money but didn’t know how she would buy them as she was not allowed to leave the school grounds,” Michelle said.

“She told her Year 6 buddy who was also not allowed to leave the School. The Year 6 student told her Year 10 buddy, who walked up to Broadway and bought the flowers.

“The surprise on the mum’s face after school when her Year 2 daughter handed her the flowers was priceless. This story for me highlights the connections and spirit of our students.”