Little learners taste some more French

IGS Early Learning French Educator Valerie Boisseau set her littlest learners and their families a cooking task this week.

The outcome of the task was for the children to emerge themselves in the culture of their targeted language while using news words, problem-solving and mathematical skills.

Recipe for LES MADELEINES by Isabel Mota, founder of My French Recipe

“Mums and dads if you a spare moment look into ‘la madeleine de Marcel Proust’ and maybe like him you might have a particular smell that brings you back to your childhood memories,”  Valerie said.

“I just thought to share this with you as every time I make madeleines his name always pops to my mind and then I travel back in time. Enjoy.”

    -125 gr de farine(flour)
    -3 oeufs (eggs)
    -140 gr de sucre (sugar)
    -135 gr de beurre doux (unsalted butter)
    -50 gr de lait (milk)
    -5 gr levure chimique (baking powder)
    -2 cuilleres a cafe de miel liquide (2 teasp of honey)
    -1 cuillere a cafe de fleur de sel (1 teasp of salt)
    -Le zeste d’un petit citron (zest of a small lemon)
    -Vanille (1 teasp of vanilla) 

At home, families could play a little game of finding each ingredient. “Où est … le beurre?”

Il faut une cuillère en bois, un grand bol, un mixeur électrique et un moule à madeleines. 

You need a wooden spoon, a bowl, an electric mixer and a madeleines tin (if you do not have one you can use muffin tray or anything creative). Please don’t forget to have fun and you always can share your results.

Commencez par faire fondre le beurre puis laissez-le tiédir (melt the butter then let it cool down).

Mettez la vanille dans le bol puis battez les oeufs avec le sucre, les zestes de citron, la fleur de sel et le miel jusqu’a ce que mélange blanchisse (put the vanilla in the dish then beat the eggs with the sugar, the lemon zest, salt and the honey until white – lighter in colour – and fluffy).

Ajoutez la farine et la levure et mélangez (add the flour, the baking powder and mix together).

Ajoutez le beurre fondu et tiédi puis mélangez (add the cooled butter then mix).

Enfin ajoutez le lait et mélangez (last add the milk then mix).

Beurrez vos moules à madeleines. Remplissez les moules a 80 % puis réservez au frais – les madeleines vont gonfler à la cuisson (butter the madeleine tin, fill them up by 80 per cent then place it in the fridge – that way the madeleine will rise when cooking).

Préchauffez votre four a 180 C (preheat your oven to 180 C).

Faites cuire pendant 8 à 10 minutes, laissez tiédir avant de démouler (cook for 8 to 10 minutes, cool before removing the madeleine from the tin).