Little green fingers

Extending their studies of Living Things, Kindergarten students enjoyed their recent exploration of Pocket City Farms in Camperdown.

They’ve planted alfalfa seeds in the classroom and have been exploring how things grow, and what plants need to thrive, including sun, water, soil, air, seeds, food and photosynthesis.


The students looked at many different kinds of food plants, along with insects such as butterflies, lady beatles, ants and native bees.


They mimed being seeds, squirted natural fertilizer on the soil around many plants, felt worms from a small worm farm, discussed their favourite fruit and vegetables, and planted radishes.


Luca: “The worms felt kind of slimy.”

Maeve: “They kind of tickle.”

Hattie: “I love the worms.’

The children were thrilled to be able to take home a new plant.

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