Literature through Drama

A group of enthusiastic Year 2 and Year 5 students were fortunate to take part in discovering “Literature through Drama” this term.

For two periods each week, a representative from the Sydney Theatre Company, Felix, visited IGS classrooms to introduce students to an array of drama techniques and games, while exploring the picture books they were examining as part of their core studies.

The Year 2 group were introduced to John Heffernan’s book The Island, and the Year 5 group studied John Marsden’s Home and Away.

“The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope to take part in the program again in the future,” said Year 5 Teacher and Head of Teacher Accreditation and Development Michelle Weir.


Student feedback on the program:

Aya of Year 5: “I realised that in drama you can be anything you want, even if you are totally different.”

Molly of Year 5: “It was awesome! Every time Felix waltzed into the room there was a smile on every kid’s face.”

Cyrus of Year 2: “When we played the ‘King and Queen’ game, I enjoyed listening to the story of The Island.”

Charlotte of Year 5: “It was an amazing and wonderful experience.”

Pascal of Year 2: “I enjoyed it when we pretended to be the urchin boy and we had to say how we were feeling.”

Lachlan of Year 5: “The drama program is incredible. I have done it for three years and every book is amazing.”

Lucia of Year 2: “I liked playing ‘Me, You’ and being statues.”