Limitless learning abroad

During the mid-term break, 22 excited High School students embarked on the History and Drama Tour of Italy, exploring ancient and medieval cities, and participating in various inspiring drama workshops.

The group was accompanied by IGS HSIE Teacher Stuart Daly and IGS Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito, visiting locations such as Rome, Herculaneum, Pompeii, Tivoli, Tuscany and Florence.

Smiles on the Spanish Steps in Rome

“One of the highlights of our trip was a boat tour around the picturesque island of Capri,” said Oliver Parry of Year 8.

“We also had the thrill of participating in a treasure hunt through the winding medieval streets of San Gimignano.”

“In addition to exploring ancient, Renaissance and medieval sites, we attended three days of Drama workshops, conducted by one of the world’s leading Commedia dell’arte experts, Antonia Fava,” added Daniel O’Shea of Year 9.

“Not only did we perform on stage to our peers, but we had the opportunity to see how Commedia dell’arte masks were made.

“Overall, it was a fantastic trip that we will remember for years to come.”

Exploring Naples