Lights, camera, action!

Year 9 Dramabilities students used the new Centre for Dramatic Arts space during Week 8 for a group performance assessment.

Drama Teacher Ned Manning said the new space provided an exciting and dramatic backdrop for their performances.

Students were excited to test their emerging skills in the professional new spaces.

“Year 9 Dramabilites students’ excitement at performing their Inter Cultural Playbuilding pieces in the new Drama Space on Level 4 was palpable,” Ned said.

“They were the first group performances in the space and they made the most of the opportunity to explore non naturalistic storytelling techniques, including movement and sound, in our brand new theatrical space.

“Each group chose a legend, fairy story or myth to interpret and present in their own unique way.

“Having the new space on Level 3 as well, meant that there was plenty of room for the groups to rehearse outside of class time to refine their final performances.

“The result was a range of exciting, creative, contemporary interpretations that kept the audiences on the edge of their seats.”