Letters to Spain

Students in Years 9 to 11 have been writing letters to students in Spain as part of a special virtual exchange.

“As for many other events, our bi-annual exchange to Spain scheduled for 2020 had to be postponed last year,” said IGS Languages Teacher Teresa Alonso-Lasheras.

“Talking to our sister school in Madrid, Ceu Monteprincipe, we decided to go ahead with the exchange in epistolary form. 

“The silver lining of this new setting was that all students could participate. Students of Spanish from Years 9 to 11 have been writing letters and recently received their reply letters. IGS students write in Spanish and the Spanish students write to them in English.

“Watching the excitement of our students when they received their letters from Spain was quite moving.

“In the letters, the Spanish students conveyed their excitement to be part of this virtual exchange.

“Through the letters they learnt to what extent life in Spain has been turned upside down due to COVID.”

Below are some extracts from the Spanish students:

“Our teacher told us about the idea and I was super excited!!! It’s amazing how even in this situation we can meet new people.”

“I’m also very into TV shows and some would say I’m quite a nerd when it comes to Star Wars and Marvel. What about you? What do you like to do? And how have you handled COVID and stuff? I’m hearing you guys are pretty “safe” which is awesome.”

“As you can imagine, COVID has changed our lives completely. Loads of thousands of people have died in Spain, we have been on semi-lockdown during winter and now we can’t go out with more than three friends, and must be home by 11.

“Furthermore, we must wear a mask all day long. I know this isn’t the current situation in Sydney. You are so lucky! I hope it goes on that way.”

“I have some questions for you: what console do you play on? What is your favourite movie? Is it possible to have a pet kangaroo?”