Learnings from Reggio Emilia

Currently in Reggio Emilia, Italy, Principal Shauna Colnan continues to deepen her understanding of experiential, relationship-driven early childhood education.

Ms Colnan has been captivated by “an inspiring architectural and pedagogical feature at the heart of the nursery schools of Reggio Emilia” called the “atelier”.

Views of the atelier

“I love the thought of young children learning in these re-purposed and refurbished spaces,” Ms Colnan said.

The atelier is a place which combines thought, research, invention and expression.

“Rays of light beam onto the children’s work in the atelier, with nothing but the sound of birdsong,” she said.

Light streaming through to the atelier

Ateliers are constructed in partnership with professionals of various proficiencies, such as architects, teachers, engineers, musicians, artists and so on.

Ms Colnan exploring more of the atelier 

Ms Colnan looks forward to “sharing insights from the Reggio Emilia Educational Project with colleagues, students and our community back at IGS”.