Learning languages outside the classroom

Students in Years 4 to 6 have been furthering their French, German, Japanese and Italian language skills at the annual IGS Language Camp.

The students and teachers journeyed to various conference centres and camp facilities in Elanora Heights, Chatswood and Stanwell Tops, not only developing their language skills but also their understanding of cultures and customs.


“In Japanese, the children have been engaged in a variety of activities relating to the cultural events in Japan,” said IGS Japanese educator Machiko Ohta.

“The children made ‘wish notes’ on tanzaku (Japanese paper) plus other decorations acknowledging an annual event called Tanabata, the star festival. The decorations and the tanzaku were displayed during the camp.”


The students also spent time outdoors finding various hidden Japanese flashcards, working on their reading and communication skills as they discovered each card.

The teachers also had a great time celebrating Japanese culture and dress.