Learning enhances leadership

IGS Head of Primary Studies and STEAM Innovator (Primary) Michelle Sullivan has recently completed a postgraduate degree in leadership.

After moving into a management role at IGS, Michelle felt it was important to get a better grasp on the latest theories about leadership and learning.

Michelle completed a Master of Education – (Learning and Leadership) at University of Technology.

Michelle now plans to reflect on what she has learnt and use it to improve and enhance her own work and that of her colleagues.

“Anything we do at the school has an impact on the students,” she said. 

“Anything we add or take away or change or modify in what we do, we always put the students first and we always look at what impact it will have on them.

“The latest theory in leadership is that everyone is a leader.”

Some of the highlights of her postgraduate degree include studying Policy Development.

“Understanding local, national and global policies is important, especially now that we are governed by so many policies of legislation,” she said.

“We also looked at different types of leadership and how leadership has grown, changed and evolved over time.”

She also focused on teaching in the digital age.

“We learnt about the power you have with different programs and harnessing data for a variety of purposes.”

She said each unit had been relevant to her role, and thanked IGS helping support her further education.

“I’m grateful that IGS believe in it and truly do support you in moving forward with it.”